Continuous Improvement Project

Improving LET 1 Grades

This year for our Continuous Improvement Project we chose to improve LET 1 grades. Since the Let 1s are the future of this program, we wanted to focus more on them. We have come up with a plan to help them prepare for their exams in the program and to remind them how important it is to wear their uniform since it is a part of their grade. We have a board inside the classroom that has all the important grades that they need to worry about. On that board, we also have Quizlet study guides that will help them prepare for their exams. To give them motivation we have streamers that will go on the company’s guidon to show others how hard they have been working. We also have the JROTC cadets enrolled on an app called Remind. With this app, we can send them messages reminding them about important grades or events in case they were not aware or were not there to receive the information. Another partĀ of the CIP is that we are keeping track of the cadets that change out of their uniform during the school day. The reason for this is because they are required to wear the uniform the whole day to receive full credit for their uniform grade.